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Naval and Offshore

A wide range of systems to meet specific needs

To ensure rapid and effective operations on each site

The shipyards are big users of our lifting systems. The most appreciated feature of our permanent-electro magnets is the ability to remotely operate with one operator only, moving the load quickly and without deforming it.

The product range includes the TM telescopic beams for sheets: flexible, fast and reliable. The TB versions are for handling even vertically, the TT for loading / unloading cutting machines, TP systems for handling profiles and beams, the module SM for blocks, BR for slabs. The BR / W version is specifically for loading and unloading ships on harbor cranes.

The EM series systems use electromagnetic technology for handling bundles of rods, profiles, tubes and laminated loads. The manual lifters MaxX and the permanent -magnet beams MAXXI are suitable for small plates and loads up to 2000 kg. For machine tools machining we recommend MillTec and QuadExtra modules for milling, Radial Pole and Flexomag for turning and grinding.

Some of our customers

Fincantieri, Keppel, Hyundai, Bristol port, Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Blohm&Voss, CPW, Tuzla Shipyards, Vademsas, Damen, J. Ray Mc. Dermott.



Radial Pole



TM beams

SM modules

TT and TB beams

BR and BRW modules

TP and TU beams


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