Save money with TECNOLIFT!

Save money with TECNOLIFT!

Have you ever thought?

A permanent-electro system consumes about 2.7% compared to a traditional electromagnet of the same capacity.
Assuming an average of 90 movements per day, the saving in 1 year is estimated at over 6,000 $!

Consumption kWh15 18
Operating hours per day (*)90.25
Consumption per day kWh1353.6
Annual consumption kWh (**)3,750900
Annual energy cost $ (***)6,358152

(*) 90 translations, average duration 6 minutes
(**) Year with 250 working days
(**) Cost kWh: 0.19 $

In addition, a permanent-electro system allows additional savings due to lower maintenance:
does not require back-up batteries (with electromagnets the batteries must be checked and replaced periodically)
it does not overheat, therefore it does not wear out (the windings of the electromagnets suffer from performance decay)

All TECNOLIFT handling systems are permanent-electro.

Here is an in-depth look at the subject (in Italian language):