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Permanent electro magnetic systems for vertical turning and grinding

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Constant quality of the workpiece

In all manufacturing processes involving wheel turning, bearings, rings and flanges, a common problem is how to clamp the workpiece without deforming it. The traditional mechanical clamping tools can cause ‘ovalization’ and the deformation of the piece.

radialpole-15Radial Pole clamps the piece from its base surface. There are no obstacles to the tool path; the complete machining operation can be made in a single setup.

Using the pole extensions allows you to raise the piece from the magnet surface, making both inner and outer diameters fully machinable.

The uniformity of clamping, a typical characteristic of the magnetic system, removes vibrations with consequently enormous advantages in terms of machining tolerances, tool life, chip removal and machine productivity.

The new PRF series in monolithic technology is equipped with a totally metallic surface; this guarantees a great robustness and a perfect isolation of the components located within the system.

The rectangular pole offers, compared to alternative trapezoidal-pole solutions, consistent performance along the radius (then on pieces independently from the diameter) and constant depth of the magnetic flux.

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The combination of mobile and fixed pole extensions creates a flexible bed which adapts the magnetic surface to the workpiece, compensating for the irregularities without the need for shimming.
The stress release operations are performed quickly and automatically.

Radial Pole allows a full utilization of the machine table, as it does not require space to be allocated like traditional clamps.
Radial Pole can be installed with a diameter equal to or even slightly higher than the machine one.

The “Neutral Crown” configuration allows full concentration on the magnetic flux on the active surface only, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and the total insulation of the module.
The “PRF” models are equipped with a control unit which has a special cycle of demagnetization (Nuflux system) able to completely remove the magnetic field from the workpiece during the DEMAG phase.

Technical specifications

PRF modelDimensions Ø ext.(in)Dimensions Ø int.(in)Dimensions h (in)Weight (lbs)Poles (n.)
PRF 06003023.611.84.351812
PRF 08003031.511.84.388012
PRF 10003039.411.84.3140020+10
PRF 10005039.419.74.369020
PRF 12503049.211.84.3152020+10
PRF 12505049.219.74.3220020
PRF 1500505919.74.3320020
PRF 1501005939.44.3320032
PRF 17505068.919.74.3435032+16
PRF 17507068.927.54.3435028
PRF 20010078.839.44.3515032


ModelDimensions A (in)Dimensions B (in)Dimensions C (in)Weight (lbs)
PFS 110/554.32.361.63.7
PMS 110/554.32.361.63.7

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