Quad Rail

Permanent-electro magnetic systems for rail machining

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Train and rolling stock

The new magnetic clamping system Quad Rail represents the most revolutionary solution for rail machining

Why use a permanent-electro magnetic system for holding the rail during processing? Not limited by the presence of the brackets, the tool has full access to the rail. With just 2 placements you can work completely on foot, mushroom or soul of the rail, make through holes and also mill undercuts.

The high magnetic clamping force allows you to increase the depth of cut, reducing the processing time. The magnetism guarantees a uniform clamping of the rail, with a consequent reduction of vibration and consumption of the tools, achieving higher quality. The alignment between the piece and the machine is always perfect.

The advantages of Quad Rail

  • Rail accessible to foot and mushroom with a single setup
  • Absence of machining vibrations
  • Uniform clamping (best finishes and tolerances)
  • Strong and accurate holding force
  • Perfect alignment of the rail
  • Easy and fast positioning
  • Easy chip removal.

The Quad Rail modules present a monoblock frame, able to guarantee unique characteristics of rigidity, strength and reliability over time, with no maintenance.

An appropriate electronic “control station type” unit controls the magnetization and demagnetization cycles, both activating single or multiple modules, even at a distance by remote control.

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A Quad Rail system consists of a set of modular elements for composing magnetic variable-length tables, to suit different types of rails. Each module presents 2 separate magnetic clamping areas for the foot and the rail head, developing a total clamping force of 14 tons / m.

Quad Rail modules are universal, equipped with one or more sets of pole extensions, designed to adapt perfectly to different rail profiles. Different configurations are available, according to the machine and to the machining procedure.

The simplest solution; guarantees full access to the rail.


Designed for heavy machining, even with large removal on the mushroom, it is composed of 2 magnetic areas at 90°.


Compact shape system for “C” machines. With 2 mirror image clamping areas, it allows the complete machining of the rail 2 in placements only.


It combines the features of the versions / T and TW: full access and large removals in a single solution.


Technical specifications

Model QRDimensions A (in)Dimensions B (in)Dimensions C (in)Magnetic areas (foot)Magnetic areas (soul)Weight (lbs)
QR /S44.518.111.6YESYES1870
QR /T44.522.814.7YES (2)YES (2)2200

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