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With MillTec, you have maximum flexibility and productivity

The innovative MillTec magnetic systems for milling are the optimal solution for clamping pieces on milling machines with a vertical or horizontal axis, a gantry, for machining centers, for pallets, squares and cubes of FMS systems.

MillTec offers great operational advantages for a dramatic increase in productivity and quality.

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miltec-lavorazione-in-un-unico-stepBy operating with vices and clamps the workpieces are never completely free and it is necessary to use multiple placements to complete the processing cycle.
With MillTec the piece is always free on all 5 faces, allowing the complete machining in a single positioning, improving the working of tools in all operations such as face milling, contouring, through holes and drilling.

miltec-funzione-gripWith MillTec the clamping force is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface without any compression and deformation of the piece. The absence of vibration allows higher stock removal, better finishing and more strict manufacturing tolerances.

MillTec is also available in a GRIP version.
The GRIP patent revolutionizes the concept of magnetic clamping on milling machines and machining centers; finally you can anchor everything uniformly, or anchor between the workpiece and the magnetic surface of reference and between the magnetic system and the machine table.
The complete elimination of vibrations allows maximum improvement of the anchor uniformity characteristics of the magnetic systems, to obtain better finishes, more precision, optimal machining speed and reduced consumption of the tools.

The metal surface is uniform, completely in steel, free from resin sealant, inserts and any containment element. The patent Quadsystem MONOLITE offers a honeycomb structure made from a solid block, which acts as an impenetrable mechanical shield to protect the electrical circuit and the permanent magnets inside.

The poles, made through a core drilling, are integral with the structure and are able to absorb even harsh machining parameters, maintaining absolute stability without bending.

In a few seconds the work piece is positioned and locked firmly (up to 16 kg / cm2).
The system is permanent-electro, therefore intrinsically safe. Any power outages do not affect the strength of the clamping.

prolunghe mobUsing a combination of fixed and mobile polar extensions, it creates a flexible magnetic bed that can clamp itself to the workpiece and lock it firmly. The new mobile extensions RMP make such operations even more simple and practical.

RMP Mobile extensions

Thanks to their circular shape and the integrated threaded pin, the RMP-patented mobile extensions allow an easy and rapid positioning without the use of tools and without the possibility of error.

The construction technique that prevents any impurities can penetrate inside, ensuring perfect and constant performance efficiency. The double-inclined surface mechanism allows a better transmission of the flow with an increase of the magnetic yield of 20% compared with the traditional extensions with a single inclined surface.

The version / SC with recess is designed for the fastening of thin pieces (0.4″).

Technical specifications

ModelDimensions A (in)Dimensions B (in)Dimensions C (in)Weight (lbs)Poles (n.)Force (Tons**)
MTG 304 HD12.6016.541.6588127,8
MTG 306 HD12.6023.621.651231811,7
MTG 308 HD12.6030.901.651762415,6
MTG 310 HD12.6038.181.652203019,5
MTG 404 HD15.9516.541.651321610,4
MTG 405 HD15.9519.681.651552013,0
MTG 406 HD15.9523.621.651762415,6
MTG 408 HD15.9530.901.652203220,8
MTG 410 HD15.9538.181.652654026,0
MTG 506 HD19.1023.621.651983019,5
MTG 508 HD19.1030.901.652654026,0
MTG 510 HD19.1038.181.653085032,5
MTG 606 HD22.4523.621.652423623,4
MTG 608 HD22.4530.901.653084831,2
MTG 610 HD22.4538.181.653756039,0


ModelDimensions A (in)Dimensions B (in)Dimensions C (in)Weight (lbs)
PFR 50/32Ø1.961.251.1
PMQ 50/32481.771.241.3
PFR 70/20Ø2.750.781.1
PFR SC 70/20Ø2.750.781.1
PFR 70/45Ø2.751.772.9
PFR SC 70/45Ø2.751.772.9
RMP 70/45Ø31.772.6
RMP SC 70/45Ø31.792.6

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