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Light lifting

Magnetic lifting systems for ferrous loads


Bat Grip


For a real increase of the efficiency in production

Every day mechanical workshops, carpentry, warehouses and cutting centers are involved in continuous challenges in efficiency and cost reduction to achieve competitiveness. Making efficient handling processes leads to a strong advantage and to concrete savings in terms of time and manpower.


The MaxX manual lifters are suitable for a variety of operational situations, are easy to use and engage the load with speed and security.


When loads increase in size and find themselves in the presence of metal sheets or pieces with crossbar lengths over 3 meters, MAXXI represents the most efficient and economical handling solution.

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In the workshops of the piece handling for loading / unloading machine series, MVS systems facilitate the operator and minimize dead times.


In carpentry, a flexible tool, able to lift various types of sheets with thickness from 1.5mm, solves many situations. EasyLift is a light -electro cross, suitable for everyday use with loads up to 600kg.


In environments where it is not practical or possible to access the power supply, BatGrip, an electro module on battery power, allows operation at a distance from the load through a remote control, handling flat and round loads of up to 2000kg.

Tecnomagnete offers a wide range of solutions for most of the industrial sectors

Learn more about our range of lifters for loads up to 3000kg

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