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TP and TU beams

Modules for handling of profiles and tubes

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Naval and Offshore

Train and rolling stock

To significantly reduce loading and unloading times

The permanent electro magnetic modules represent a quick and efficient solution for picking and handling of long loads.

Mainly for distribution centres, are characterized by large benefits from faster loading and unloading: No longer need for chains or ropes to wrap around the cargo, to attach to the crane, to check if properly fixed in the strap. The entire translation of the cargo is handled by a single operator, safely and remotely.

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The benefits of TP and TU systems

  • Quick loading and unloading of the cargo
  • Best inventory management: The spacers or spaces between the stalls are no longer needed
  • 1 single operator is able to complete the entire operation at a distance from the load
  • Permanent electro features and therefore insensitive to power outages: Total safety.

Suitable for different types of profiles, you can install on fixed beams or telescopic arms, so as to remain parallel to the load avoiding oscillations.

The Special geometry of the magnetic modules allows penetrating inside the “U”, clamping the core and moving the beam with ease. The system can also clamp the load “quickly”, enabling the rotation of the profile.

  • TU
    Suitable for loads of various compositions may be used for the handling of tubes, both for calenders and cisterns.
  • TU/L
    The predominant dimension, and the particular arrangement with magnetic poles stretched allows moving layers of tubes.

Characteristics of the load

ModelHEA - HEB - IPE - IPN min (in)HEA - HEB - IPE - IPN max (in)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
TP 2/2003.14"23.6"19.7'39.4'4,400
TP 3/2003.14"23.6"3.3'39.4'4,400
TP 4/4003.14"23.6"19.7'59'8,800
TP 5/4003.14"23.6"3.3'59'8,800
TP 6/4003.14"23.6"9.8'78.8'8,800

ModelMin thickness (in)Ø Min-Max outer (in)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
TU 02/0100.19"2.36" - 7"13.1'45.9'2,200
TU 02/0500.27"7.87" - 27.5"9.85'45.9'11,020

ModelMin thickness (in)Ø Min-Max outer (in)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
TL 2/600.23"3.54" - 14.5"13.1'45.9'13,230
TL 2/1000.19" - 0.86"1.96" - 7"29.5'50.9'22,050

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