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TM beams

Maximum flexibility to move plates of various sizes

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Telescopic beams for laminates – TM series

Laminates, especially large ones, are loads particularly difficult to handle. Their handling is implemented using traditional methods (hooks, ropes, chains) which may lead to bending and deformation of loads, making it unstable and extremely dangerous to clamp.

The TM telescopic beams hooking the top of the loading, with uniformity, without damaging it, ensure the highest performance in its class. The ability to stretch or shrink the distance between the modules and select which heads to magnetize (selection of crossbeams) make it extremely flexible in using TM structures.

The different TM series are distinguished by the number of magnetic rods installed: TM4 with 4 crossbeams with lengths up to 39.4′, TM6 up to 52.5′, TM8 up to 65.6 feet.

Advantages of the TM series

  • It is possible to browse a single sheet from the package
  • It is possible to operate without spacers between sheets, rationalising handling and storage of sheet metal
  • One single operator is able to complete the entire operation, handling and releasing remaining at a distance from the load
  • Permanent-electro features and therefore insensitive to power outages: total safety for personnel and equipment
  • Maintenance Free: No buffer batteries are required.
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TM beams are designed to meet and exceed the standards UNI 13155:2009. Each beam capable of developing a safety factor of 1:3 (force that is 3 times the maximum permissible load) not just under ideal conditions, but even in the harshest operating conditions.

A number of security systems prevent lifting loads over the limit value (PICKUP), demagnetization during movement (DAUTANAC), accidental activations and deactivations (SAFE).

The range of products for handling flat sheets also includes the following versions:

  • TM TG: For handling loads with thin layers (starting from 0.11 in.)
  • BF: Version with fixed beam at a constant distance
  • BFS: Dedicated metal strips and narrow loads
  • GTR: Configuring for magnetically fixed beams already used by the client.

Characteristics of the load

ModelMin thickness (in)Max width (ft)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
TM 4/100 X0.19"8.2'9.85'39.4'22,000
TM 4/130 X0.19"11.5'9.85'39.4'28,600
TM 4/160 X0.19"11.5'9.85'39.4'35,000
TM 4/200 X0.19"11.5'9.85'39.4'44,000
ModelMin thickness (in)Max width (ft)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
TM 6/200 X0.19"11.5"9.2'52.5'44,000
TM 6/250 X0.19"11.5"9.2'52.5'55,000
TM 6/300 X0.19"11.5"9.2'52.5'66,000

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