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Lifting modules of the series SML/SMH/RD

We often underestimate the costs associated with handling. Have you ever calculated how much time is involved to space out each load, slide the chains beneath it, track it during handling and redo all these steps in reverse so you can access them freely?

A permanent electro magnetic lifter module lifts and handles beams and profiles from the top without the use of chains, without separating strips, with ease and at a distance from the load. The SML/SMH/RD series modules are designed for fast handling of flat loads, blocks and rods.

They are safe, because they use the permanent electro magnetic technology: In case of power failure the load remains attached to the module, without any loss of magnetic force. They are lightweight and compact: Their contained weight does not significantly penalize the available load of the crane.

The permanent electro magnetic SM modules range consists of:

  • SML: Module for flat loads or laminates
  • SMH: Modules for blocks and forgings, also with uneven surfaces
  • SMU: Modules for long loads
  • RD: Modules for round loads.
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Advantages of an SM permanent-electro System

  • Designed for real working conditions: Maximum performance even with high operating air gaps
  • 1 single operator is able to complete the entire operation, handling and releasing remaining at a distance from the load
  • Electro-permanent features and therefore insensitive to power outages: total safety for personnel and equipment
  • Maintenance Free: No buffer batteries are required.

SM modules are designed to meet and exceed the standards UNI 13155:2009. Every module is capable of developing a safety factor of 1:3 (force that is 3 times the maximum permissible load) not just under ideal conditions, but even in the harshest operating conditions.

A number of security systems prevent lifting loads over the limit value (PICKUP), demagnetization during movement (DAUTANAC), accidental activations and deactivations (SAFE).

Characteristics of the load

SML modelMin thickness (in)Max width (ft)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
SML 60 X0.19"9.85'2.62'19.7'13,000
SML 100 X0.19"9.85'3.28'19.7'20,000
SMH modelMin thickness (in)Max width (ft)Min length (ft)Max length (ft)Max load (lbs)
SMH 501.18"11.5'2.62'19.7'11,000
SMH 1001.18"11.5'3.28'19.7'22,000
SMH 1501.57"11.5'3.28'19.7'33,000
SMH 2001.57"11.5'3.28'19.7'44,000
SMH 3002.36"11.5'3.28'19.7'66,000
SMH 4003.15"11.5'4.92'19.7'88,000

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