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Lifting and transporting coils using C-shaped hooks has risks: Damages and deformations of the load are frequent. In addition, clamping the coil is often unstable and therefore dangerous to people and equipment.

A permanent electro magnetic modules represents a refreshing alternative to traditional methods: Clamping top of load, with uniformity, without damaging it.

Compared to traditional mechanical systems, it has significant advantages:

  • Centering Speed: Positioning the coil is quick and secure.
  • Load Integrity: Not damaging in any way the load, rendering packaging and protections superfluous.
  • Optimization of warehouse areas: Always working from the top does not require additional room for manoeuvres.
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CH: For horizontal coils

CH modules are optimized for maximum performance in the presence of loads with layered surfaces. Automatic centring of loads and at the request of rotating motorized systems, to facilitate stocking and loading trucks.

CV: For vertical coils

For coil annealing, plants need to be stacked within treatment ranges. The CV module allows you to handle the load with a single tool, without the presence of an operator on the ground or using an auxiliary crane hook.

A load gripping laser system facilitates centering for the operator in the cab. The magnetic poles are equipped with special extensions shaped to prevent crushing of the coil.

The CV modules represent the best solution applicable in the presence of an “open coil”, i.e. coils in which a spacer is interposed between the wire loop and loop to facilitate the passage of air, and then annealing. In such cases, handling is very critical as loads are easily damaged. CV clamps the load from above, without compressing or deforming the load.

CV/T: For automatic cutting lines (steel service companies)

CV/T modules are used in the handling of the finished products, i.e. unloading the roller table and in the titler downstream of the unloading carousel reel. All the contacts necessary to interface to manage the PLC are provided; completing the activation and deactivation cycles in different times very fast, for maximum efficiency.

A permanent-electro magnetic module is secure, as it is not affected by power failures. Compared to a conventional electromagnet, it also allows significant savings in terms of energy consumption and speed cycles.

A number of security systems prevent lifting loads over the limit value (PICKUP), demagnetization during movement (DAUTANAC), accidental activations and deactivations (SAFE).

Characteristics of the load

CV /T modelØ Min-Max outer (in)Ø Max inner (in)Min height (in)Max height (in)Max load (lbs)
CVT 4/3029.5" - 63"20"0.98"11.8"6,600
CVT 4/5070"20"1.18"19.7"11,000


CV /F modelMin-Max thickness (in)Ø Min-Max outer (in)Ø Max inner (in)Min-Max height (in)Max load (lbs)
CV/F 2000.011" - 0.19"31.5" - 74.8"20" - 24"53"44,000
CV/F 2500.011" - 0.19"31.5" - 74.8"20" - 24"53"55,000
CV/F 2800.011" - 0.19"51.2" - 74.8"24"35.4" - 60.6"61,700
CV/F 3500.011" - 0.19"39.4" - 78.8"20" - 24"66.9"77,200
CV/F 4400.011" - 0.19"29.5"- 102"24"23.6" - 73.2"97,000

CH /F modelMin-Max thickness (in)Ø Min-Max outer (in)Ø Max inner (in)Min-Max height (in)Max load (lbs)
CH/F 1500.011" - 0.23"25.6" - 55.1"20" - 24"15.7" - 53.1"33,000
CH/F 2000.011" - 0.23"31.5" - 74.8"20" - 24"15.7" - 53.1"44,000
CH/F 2500.011" - 0.23"31.5" - 78.7"20" - 24"19.7" - 53.1"55,000
CH/F 3000.011" - 0.23"35.4" - 82.6"20" - 24"19.7" - 53.1"66,000
CH/F 4000.011" - 0.23"35.4" - 2.84.6"20" - 24"23.6" - 53.1"88,000

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