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Heavy lifting

Permanent electro magnetic lifting for every need

TM beams

TT and TB beams

TP and TU beams

SM modules

BR and BRW modules




TECNOLIFT, the most natural way for handling ferrous loads

Permanent electro magnetic TECNOLIFT series clamp, carry and drop the load with ease, always working above the load, without compressing nor deforming it.

The range consists of several models of magnetic lifters, to meet every need of handling ferrous loads for different companies.

Telescopic beams TM series for handling sheet metal up to 20 m; fixed beams of the series BF BFS for strips; tilting TB beams for sheet metal in vertical warehouses; SML modules for rolled blocks.

TP for profiles and beams; TU for single pipe or rolled; TT for loading and unloading cutting beds; EM for rod bundles.

SMH modules for forged blocks; RD and RDP for round pieces; CH and CV modules for coil handling; BL modules for billets.

BR and BRW for slabs on cranes; RO for rails.

Advantages over a conventional electromagnet

A permanent electro magnetic lifter overcomes the limitations of traditional electromagnets:

  • Is a cooled system, therefore the force does not suffer outages due to progressive overheated magnetic modules
  • Uses energy only for a few seconds during activation, allowing 95% energy savings
  • Is reliable and does not require specific maintenance
  • Does not leave magnetic residue in the load being handled.
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Technology and safety

The reversible permanent Quadsystem technology with double magnets uses electric power only for small cycles of several seconds respectively in the “MAG” stage of magnetization and demagnetization “DEMAG”.

A permanent-electro magnetic system is secure, as it is not affected by power failures. Does not require backup batteries. The load remains clamped with constant force, indefinitely and can be released only to the ground.

grande-sollevamento-sicurezzaThe neutral crown form ensures absence of magnetic flux leakage and potential interference with adjacent metal objects to the load.

Practicality and convenience

A single operator, remaining at a safe distance from the load, the activation of the controller allows clamping, handling and release operations. This does not require additional staff for its installation and for slinging loads.

grande-sollevamento-radiocomandoOur modules also optimize workspaces: Do not require clearances or gaps between a load.

Tecnomagnete offers a wide range of solutions for most of the industrial sectors

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