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A wide array of magnetic clamping systems

Machine Tools Workholding

Plastic injection

Sheet metal stamping

Light lifting

Heavy lifting

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Where there is a steel block

In all the processes in which the steel is machined it is necessary to hold the workpiece. In mechanical cutting tools and machining systems we offer dedicated machine tools: milling machines, machining centers, 5-axis machining, grinding, EDM and lathe can be equipped with magnetic chucks designed specifically for each application.

In the world of molding, we hold the molds on standard plastic injection machines, presses of deformation, bending and blanking.

Where steel is handled in all its forms

We build handling systems for loads of all shapes and sizes, also developing flexible solutions to lock the components in the welding and bevelling operations.

Manuals MaxX lifters are widespread in workshops and in all manufacturing machining. Large electro system Tecnolift series are designed to manipulate plan loads such as sheets and plates, coils, round and polygonal, slabs and billets, beams and profiles.

Tecnomagnete offers a wide range of solutions for most of the industrial sectors

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