Coronavirus alert

Coronavirus alert

Lainate, 25 February 2020

With reference to recent measures issued by the Italian Government for the prevention of Coronavirus,
We inform you that Tecnomagnete SpA does not operate in areas where quarantine measures are applied, nor does any of its employees reside in such areas.

The company has also implemented special procedures to minimize the probability of exposure to COVID-2019.

In particular, Tecnomagnete SpA has issued a protocol:
– the diffusion of the vademecum of the Ministry of Health through special signs located in the various company departments
– the installation at the access points of the Lainate site of dispensers with hand disinfectant;
– the enhancement of disinfectant cleaning activities;
– the preventive monitoring of personnel visiting the company: after specific evaluation, personnel from “at risk” areas, as indicated by the competent Italian Authorities, will be prevented from accessing our sites;
– the indefinite suspension of all technical assistance interventions in “at risk” areas, as indicated by the competent Italian Authorities.

As an optimal behavioural procedure, Tecnomagnete advises its staff, if affected by flu symptoms, to consult a doctor and avoid going to the company.

For further information, we invite internal staff and collaborators, customers, suppliers and visitors to consult the official website of the Italian Ministry of Health: