TT system for unloading cutting bed

TT system for unloading cutting bed

New TT beam installed at URBAS GmbH, Austria

Founded in 1929, Urbas Maschinenfabrik GmbH has decades of experience in plant construction; the company creates and manufactures steel constructions for buildings, industrial plants, bridges, infrastructure and much more.

Urbas decided to increase process efficiency by investing in a new laser cutting system from Bystronic.
In parallel to the machine, the company has installed a Tecnomagnete TT magnetic system for the automatic loading and unloading of sheets in the 6 x 2 metre format.

The magnetic system, installed on a crane, takes the single sheet from a stack and places it on the machine table.

The TT beam free the bench from cut plate and skeleton in a single move, moving them to an unloading table next to the machine.
Full article on BLECHTECHNIK – October 2019 (in German): link

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