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The MAG-AUTOBLOK TECNOMAGNETE SPA answer to all the needs of the sector

Best results from the first molded part

Being competitive in the white sector requires continued commitment to achieve high levels of efficiency. The PressTec clamping systems for plastic injection molds and StampTec for metal stamping dies speed up the changing procedure, reducing dead time and cost. Both of them make it possible to automatically obtain the alignment of the mold, a uniform clamping and therefore a high quality of the products from the first one printed, without adjustments.

For handling metal sheets up to 2000 kg we suggest the new beam series MAXXI. For heavier loads, our range includes the permanent-electro magnetic CO and CV modules for coils, the fixed and telescopic beams TM for sheets up to 16 m, TB systems for handling sheets from vertical storage to the cutting machines.

Some of our customers

Electrolux, Beko, Arcelik, Merloni, Vestel, Bosch, Matsuishita, Siemens, Keter, Braun, General Electric, Akplas, Elring Klinger, Sthil, Docol, Guzzini, Elica, Gewiss.


TM beams

TT and TB beams



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