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Train and rolling stock

Tailor-made solutions for the rail industry

For the optimum machining of rails, railway switches and other rolling stock

For the production of rails and rail exchanges, the QuadRail modules are an innovative solution for the clamping of the rails. The system is adaptable to all types of rails through a set of shaped pole extensions. The main advantages: the quick locking time, full accessibility for the simultaneous machining of the foot and mushroom.

For the business of the manufacturing of rolling stock we offer a wide range of handling systems: TM telescopic beams for sheets up to 16 m, permanent-electro magnetic modules SM for blocks, TT beams for load/unload cutting machines, BL fixed beams for billets and TP for “L” and “H” profiles. High safety, fast pickup and handling of the load, insensitive to power outages, operated by one operator only.

MaxX and MAXXI systems have manual control for handling loads up to 2000 kg. MillTec and QuadExtra magnetic chucks are suitable for additional processing and special milling. The QuadBlock modules are for welding operations of parts with complex morphology.

Some of our customers

Voest Alpine, Alstom, Tensol Rail, Bombardier, DB Bahn, SBB, Corus Cogifer, China Railway, RATP, Trenitalia, ATM Sampyo korea, Rail Corp Australia, Vossloch, Von Roll, SNCF, Okzan Demir, So.Co.Fer, O.m. Cinel.


Quad Extra

Quad Rail



TM beams

SM modules

TT and TB beams

TP and TU beams

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