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Molds and dies

Innovative systems for the world of molds and dies

The experience of Tecnomagnete to service all production requirements

The world of molds is our core business; we offer efficient solutions for those who design, build and use molds. Thousands of mold makers use magnetic chucks QuadExtra, MillTec and the circular variant for 5-axis machines MTG / R to obtain a uniform clamping of the piece, with 5 free faces for a complete machining in a single setting. The GRIP feature, a MillTec exclusive, removes the vibrations between the workpiece and the machine.

MaxX lifters and, in case of heavy loads, permanent-electro modules SM are an effective and safe solution for handling the molds. The clamping systems PressTec for plastic injection molds and StampTec for metal forming dies are used on presses and die-splitter machines to speed up the change-mold procedure and to obtain a total uniformity of clamping.

Some of our customers

Magneti Marelli, Kantemir, Seco, Gonvarri, Tromosa, Simoldes, Polimold, Industrias Arteb, SCS, Meccanica Generale, Eurostampi.


Milltec Round

Quad Extra


SM modules


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