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The most advanced technology for workshops and machine builders

Efficiency and performance over time: the strength of Tecnomagnete

To achieve substantial productivity benefits you need to invest in technology. The magnetic chucks for milling of QuadExtra and MillTec series, the TFP for grinding, FlexoMag and Radial Pole for turning, Quad Rail for rails are designed to create tangible benefits for the customer. Easy to use, they provide safe clamping, leaving 5 faces free for a complete machining of the workpiece.

Machine shops, mold manufacturers and, machinery builders are our typical customers. The PressTec mold clamping system and StampTec for metal stamping presses facilitate attachment of the mold and zero downtime.

The permanent-electro magnetic systems for lifting and handling ferrous loads are useful tools in business situations: telescopic beams TM and tilting TB for steel sheets, TT for oxygen, plasma, laser cutting systems. SM modules for blocks and laminates, CO and CV for coils, TP for profiles and beams, EM for bundles. MaxX and MAXXI manual controlled systems for handling loads up to 2000 kg.

Some of our customers

Man, Caterpillar, G&E, Deville Rectification, Est Aciers, Thyssen, Bobst, John Deere, Villares Metais, Gonvarri, Weg Motores, Ramada, Acos Bohler.


Milltec Round

Quad Extra


Radial Pole


Quad Rail



TM beams

SM modules

TT and TB beams



TP and TU beams


MAG-AUTOBLOK TECNOMAGNETE SPA offers a wide range of solutions for most of the industrial sectors

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