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The guarantee of maximum security on site

Machines for any type of building application

In the yard, our permanent-electro magnetic systems can pick up and move various types of ferrous loads, operated by a single operator, in total safety.

TM telescopic beams for sheets, SM modules for blocks and forged bars, TT for cutting machine tending, CV and CH modules for coils handling. The TP modules present a polar conformation designed for the pickup and the rotation of “H” and “L” profiles. EM electromagnetic systems for rod bundles, profiles, tubes and multiple loads. For lighter loads up to 2000 kg, manual lifters MaxX and beams MAXXI series are practical and convenient.

In the molding of components for building and for electrical applications our quick clamping systems PressTec speed up the mold change processes, increase the quality of the molded part due to their uniformity of clamping, reduce the dead times and the costs for screws, brackets, maintenance.

Some of our customers

General Electric, Geberit, Liebherr, Manitowoc, CNH, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Cimtas, Martifer.



TM beams

SM modules

TT and TB beams


TP and TU beams


MAG-AUTOBLOK TECNOMAGNETE SPA offers a wide range of solutions for most of the industrial sectors

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