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Tecnomagnete, wherever there is steel

In the current thinking, the term “industrial magnet” is often associated with the image of a large cylinder to lift ferrous material; the typical electromagnet for scrap. Old story. We have invented and developed a more advanced technology, the permanent-electro Quadsystem: high safety, great energy, environmentally controlled force.

Searching for innovative solutions is part of our DNA

MillTec chucks are used for clamping workpieces in machining operations and mold-making; MaxX lifters handle pieces. In large-scale industrial production, such as white and construction sectors, StampTec is used for quick die change and Tecnolift for steel sheet handling.

In the automotive PressTec modules are used for mold clamping of injection machines. In the rail and naval areas, in the businesses of beams, rails, structures with Tecnolift handling equipments; QuadExtra and QuadRail modules for milling and welding of components.

In the manufacturing for the energy sector, wind turbines, offshore, with standard lifting systems Tecnolift and RadialPole workpiece clamping.

In the steel industry and heavy industry we are present with multiple solutions for handling ferrous loads of any size and weight.

Our innovations meet goals in efficiency, savings costs in personnel and energy, offering systems that are easy to use and which generate immediate competitive advantages for our customers.

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