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Sheet metal stamping

For perfectly aligned and locked metal dies


Tight schedules for maximum machine efficiency

Companies are striving at reducing the set-up time and maximizing machine utilization. Set-up time can be reduced by converting internal operations (that require machine downtime) to external (to be performed with the machine in operation). However, there are internal operations that cannot be converted, whose typical example is changing dies. In these cases, it is valuable to have tools and accessories able to reduce time and optimize the use of the machine.

The magnetic clamping system for rapid StampTec die clamping, compared to traditional mechanical fastening, significantly speeding up the process: it is sufficient to place the die in the machine, close it, magnetize the upper and lower modules and start the machine. In a few seconds the die is ready for production, blocked firmly and perfectly aligned, without any further operator intervention.

StampTec is used in cold stamping, metal forming, on die-splitter machines and die tests. It does not require any modification to the dies and machines; it is customized to replicate the machine bed and prepared for the insertion of plugs, references, measures, die loading systems.

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