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Plastic injection

PressTec, an advanced system for quickly clamping molds


PressTec – In more detail

Innovative technology to increase efficiency and productivity

Companies are always striving at reducing the set-up time and machine downtime. Quick change mold systems have revolutionized molding operations, making sustainable production in small batches. You can find several systems on the market, with mechanical, hydraulic and magnetic technologies. Magnetic technology is the newest, established in 1996 by Tecnomagnete.

Advantages of mechanical systems

  • Uniformity of clamping: The mold is clamped over the surface and not just on the perimeter
  • Activation time: Can be activated within a few seconds, with definite deadlines and replicable
  • Safety: The operator is always away from machine
  • Repeatability: The clamping force is constant.

Advantages over hydraulic systems

  • Uniformity of clamping: The mold is clamped over the surface and not just on the perimeter
  • Economy: Does not require any changes to molds and machines
  • Savings: Requires no maintenance
  • Ecology: Does not produce waste.

The PressTec electro magnetic system allows working with great ease, high flexibility and maximum safety on all types of injection molding machines. The GRIP function allows you to magnetically anchor the modules into the systems, thus creating a unique and solid body between the machine, the magnets and the mold.

An application area par excellence is the automotive industry, where the main Tier-1 has long picked the magnetic anchor to improve efficiency and productivity. Thousands of companies operating in white goods, in construction, electrical equipment, consumer electronics, furniture, hardware, packaging are our satisfied customers.
The close collaboration and partnerships developed with the major manufacturers of presses have made the Tecnomagnete system the industry reference: from the USA to Australia, more than 10,000 machines equipped with our QuadPress and PressTec.

Tecnomagnete offers a wide array of solutions for all major industries

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