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Innovative systems for components clamping


Milltec Round

Quad Extra


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Radial Pole

Accuracy, flexibility and security to maximize productivity: our clamping systems

The efficiency of the newest technology

Whatever the process, a magnetic system is the most efficient solution for clamping pieces in machining operations. The piece is placed on the magnetic surface; the force is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface without compressing or deforming. With traditional clamps the pieces are never completely free; it is necessary to proceed to multiple placements to complete the processing cycle.

With a magnetic system the piece remains free on 5 sides, machinable in a single setup. The absence of vibration allows higher stock removal, longer tool life, better surface finish and tolerances of destination processes.

A permanent electro-magnetic system is intrinsically safe; the power supply is used for only a few moments for the activation and deactivation of the chuck. The piece remains clamped by the force generated by the high energy permanent magnets, insensitive to any possible power outages.

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In milling and processing molds operations

MillTec chucks are the magnets with the most advanced technology available; they are designed to optimize the workpieces clamping on milling machines and machining centers. With a round pole configuration, they are manufactured from a solid block and have no resin to achieve a high reliability. The MILTEC / R version is designed to maximize the performance of 5-axis machines.

Quad Extra is the latest evolution of the square pole magnetic technology for milling. Experience and innovation for high stiffness and durability. Quad Block is a modular system for clamp pieces with maximum flexibility, suitable both in milling and in welding.

In grinding and turning

The Radial Pole system is a circular chuck in monolithic technology for light turning and finishing. FlexoMag is the magnetic module of innovative conception which is characterized by the ability to create magnetic “chains”  adaptable with the maximum flexibility to any piece morphology. TFP is the magnetic chuck with parallel pole for precision grinding.

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