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The Quadsystem technology, invented by us in the 80s and hinge of our production, consists of a permanent-electro magnetic circuit with alternating poles N / S arranged in a checkerboard, positioned inside a magnetically neutral frame. Each pole is constituted by a steel core, by a reversible polarity magnet (Alnico) and by high potential magnets (Neodymium). Acting on the reversible magnet in a few moments by an electrical pulse, the magnetic field moves from the inside towards the outside of the system (and vice versa).

This technology offers great advantages over other magnetic configurations.

Electric power is only needed for the activation (MAG) and deactivation (DEMAG); an electrical pulse of a few fractions of a second magnetizes the system, after which the piece remains clamped with constant force, without any power consumption. A subsequent electrical pulse allows the demagnetization and the workpiece removal.

The checkerboard square morphology allows a horizontal and flattened circulation flow, totally concentrated in the polar area, i.e. on the workpiece to be clamped. The harmony between North and South poles surfaces ensures a perfect balance of flows without magnetic dispersions, with reliable and consistent performances.

The permanent-electro magnetism is a clean technology, since it does not release harmful substances, does not require lubricants or chemical components which must be disposed of, and does not produce residues. Electricity consumption is limited to the few seconds required for activation and deactivation of the system.

Since 2001 we have developed new patents that have brought the technology to the new Monolite Quadsystem generation. The frame, made from a solid block, has a honeycomb structure; the new circular poles are an integral part. The work surface is fully metallic, without resin from pole to pole, without fittings, grids or any metal rings junction. There are no screws and assembled mechanical elements; the system is extremely robust and resistant to wear.

In conjunction with Monolite technology on some products, the GRIP function is available. It is a particular working modality that, through a specific apparatus, it activates a magnetic force to clamp the magnetic module to the machine itself. The GRIP function ensures perfectly uniform clamping between the machine table, the magnetic equipment and the piece, thus forming a unique set. The GRIP is an exclusive function of Tecnomagnete and is independent of the magnetic force generated to the workpiece, which remains unchanged.

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