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Our history

Over 40 years devoted to development and innovation

“MAG AUTOBLOK – Tecnomagnete is the evolution of the well known Italian company established in the early 70’s with the target to research and implement innovative magnetic solutions for the manufacturing industry. In 40 years of activity our permanent-electro magnetic technology has been applied to different industrial sectors for work-holding and lifting processes of steel products providing undisputed advantages in terms of productivity, quality, flexibility and ease of use.

Countless number of machine tools, plastic injection molding machines, metal stamping presses and manufacturing processes all over the world share the same “magnetic” benefits in different sectors like Automotive, Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure, Steel industry, Shipbuilding and transportation.

Safety, efficiency and energy saving are also common features of all our advanced lifting solutions from heavy duty applications on cranes at ports, steel plants and yards to the loading/unloading of steel parts on machineries, automatic manufacturing lines or manipulators. Our technical know-how combined with years of applicative experience on the field and strong local support in Europe, America and Asia are now even more ready to support your projects.”

Corporate development and technological achievements

1975: Patent permanent-electro technology.

1978: Patent neutral Crown. Production starts with a manually operated lifter.

1980: The first permanent-electro lifter for heavy loads.

1983: Patent Quad System – milling and lifting.

1990: The first magnetic system for molds, the QuadPress.

1999: MaxX The manual lifter, the world’s best-selling.

2005: Quad Stamp line – for metal stamping.

2007: Patents: QuadExtra – RMP polar extensions – ATS self-diagnostic system.

2008: Reached 150,000 MaxX lifters, 100,000 permanent-electro systems sold. The turnover reaches 50 Mil / €.

2009: Monolite Patents – Full-metallic surface.

2011: Patent Flexomag – Dual action modules.

2013: Patent GRIP effect.

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